No before pic of the table or the chandelier, so I will do my best to describe it. Imagine a faded greeny-goldy-bronze chandelier in the back of the antique store collecting dust and getting sad looks as passers-by realize it will never ben loved again. That’s what we had folks.  In fact, it’s the style of every light fixture in the entire house. Fo Rils.  Awful.  Also not cool- the price of new chandeliers. So in hopes of a quick update to get us through until we have the cash to buy a new one, I spray painted the baby.  Not Jackson- the chandelier.  I spray painted the chandelier.  I started with a cool gray primer that I almost ended with, but since the point was to add a little pop of color (I kinda despise that phrase) I powered on and coated it in yellow.  I would say it’s closer to mustardy yellow, not exactly a sunshiney bright pop, but it’s as close as this gray lovin’ girl is gonna get. The plate that goes on the ceiling (previously dark brown) was going to be white so it blended in with the ceiling, but after also spraying it with the gray primer I decided I kinda loved it and it balanced well with the gray table and chairs. (Sidenote: the table and chairs are also just sprayed with primer, but I will get to that later) SO I coated it with a nice shiny finishing coat, popped it on the ceiling and called it good. As far as the electrical part of taking it down and putting it back up, I had some minor help.  As in I minorly helped my dad take it down and my brother in law Jake put it back up.  In my defense, Jake is an electrician so it would just be silly not to call on those skillz.  In addition to painting it, I also removed some be-dazzled dangly shades and the faux candle light bulbs and swapped in some more modern round frosted bulbs.

Here you can see the ceiling plate, painted with gray primer and a shiny top-coat:

And here you can see how it goes with the table. And my little fall pumpkin I busted out of the garage this afternoon. Oh yea, it’s getting real cray in here:

Side note regarding this post’s title: Those roller shades are not much to look at but awesome. You can see out, but you can’t see in them! It’s magic!  It’s also very handy considering our backyard butts up to the city trail (you can see it through the windows) and we regularly have people walking through the backyard.  Not really, but they might as well be! So some privacy is nice. Anyway, back to the post title.  The shades had a strip of shiny fabric and tassels (there was a consistent tassel theme in the house) that  my mom and I promptly removed. Seriously- I had a box of tassels to take to Goodwill that would make any nightclub dancer swoon.  Even the light fixtures have tassels engraved on them, which is a huge and obvious reason that this is not the end of the chandelier saga.


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