Better late than never

I wish I started this a year ago when we first moved into our new house (October 2011)!  Better late then never though, eh? So here we are- Seth, myself, Jackson and Max (“pup pup” according to J) a year later, lots to share and lots to still do!

So here’s my attempt at blogging. I don’t know how committed I’ll be, how random it will get, and how many typos and misspellings it will include. What am I going to blog about you ask (so curious!)? Good question!  I guess we will find out… I’m thinking that it will vary between baby/toddler, home improvement, living with Seth, marriage, the dog, travel, sports, photography, family, beautiful things, outside, the Muppets, music, addictive TV programs (House Wives anyone??), books, cleaning products, and whatever is currently making me say “ermehgerd!”

Seth’s here with my latte- I will start to add more pics of the house and try to explain what we’ve done, and of course will update current projects along the way.


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