How many globes do we really need?

That was actually a question Seth asked me last weekend. I was out running errands, stopped at the little vintage shop in Story City and found an awesome gigantic globe, surrounded by several equally awesome but smaller globes. I grabbed the big ‘un and also one of the baby globes and happily paid the cashier on her from-the-future iPad credit card swiper. Those are pretty neat, and she emailed me the receipt on the spot. I love that I can easily find it if I need it and I saved a tree! Probably not an entire tree, but maybe a branch. Or a twig. The big globe I got was too big for Jackson’s bookshelf and the small globe is a little too small, so I haven’t decided what to do with them exactly. But here is a picture of the globe we had (from West End Architectural a while back) in our foyer. Refinishing the top and painting the table base is on my to-do list, so ignore it for now. So to answer Seth’s question: 3. Or maybe more. This girl has a thang for globes, what can I say?

You can even catch a glimpse of the awesome blingy light shades on the sconces going upstairs. And the tassel border. And the fancy little embellishments all over the staircase and columns. And several other things I’d love to update! I do love the rug in front of the door. It’s from IKEA and has a giant herringbone pattern (Hessum, And I love love love the globe. (forgive the darkness of the photo… we were in a hurry and I didn’t take the time to set the camera correctly)

Also, for some reason I just singing “I’ve got glooobes, from different area codes, a-re-a codes, area codes, a-re-a codes…”


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