Weekend Wrap-Up

It got really project-y in here
this weekend. I started to paint the TP holder for our master bath yellow, ran some errands and stopped in at the awesome vintage stores here in Story City and scored some awesome project materials. Did a little 14 month photo shoot post-afternoon nap (and way post turning 14 months, oops). This morning Jamie and I went down to Target for the NEW NATE BERKUS displays that we have had in our calendars for like eight months and we were there as SOON as the store opened to get first dibs at all the glory and guess what. Well, I’ll go ahead with a direct quote from a Target staff person (who have become increasingly and annoyingly “helpful” lately, am I right? They are all over me when I’m there. Target people, just leave me alone! I don’t “need” anything. That’s the point of going to Target, right?) Anyway… where was I… Oh the quote- “Well we are just putting out the Nick Berkus stuff as it comes in and don’t have anything right now.” Er. Meh. Gerd. NICK? Hellooo! It’s like Nate Berkus isn’t earth shatteringly awesome to her or something. Just doesn’t make sense. So needless to say Jamie and I were super disappointed and had to engage in some retail therapy to get ourselves through. Scored some more awesome trinkets, got a Starbucks… all in all it was a great morning!

Here’s the weekend through pics.

First, I bought some Army Guys at the vintage store for a quarter a piece. I think that was pretty high priced, but since I only bought 8 it’s not a big deal. I took them home, cleaned them up, and glued them to jar lids (I always save glass jars) and will spray paint them next. I’m planning to line them up on Jackson’s little desk with his little things in them. Total cost for this project was $2!

Next, while watching the ISU disaster I decided to add some paint to this toy. My dad made it for Jackson a few weeks ago and he loves it. I used some wall paint we had on hand since that seemed to be the least toxic option and these will probably end up in his mouth at some point. The first pic is a halfway done project (since I always forget to do “before” shots) and the second is all done, just hanging out to dry. I love it! The colors are a soft teal, beige, grellow, and gray. My faves.

Then it was time for a big nap and big GOFCP for Momma (Good Old Fashioned Cleaning Party, a term Seth coined a few years ago). I also set up his monthly photo shoot while he was napping. It’s not something I can accomplish while he’s awake because it’s too exciting and he can’t leave it alone, causing a total disaster. Here are the two I’m choosing between, and will take them over to Pixlr to add the month numbers. I actually painted the numbers on onesies for the first 12 months, but this is a bit easier and we don’t burn through as many onesies this way.

Now for today! Like I said earlier, Nate Berkus for Target was a bust but Target herself didn’t disappoint. I scored this awesome metal plane that I can’t stop looking at now. I stuck it on top of the “media tower” in the living room for now. I love it because I tend to have a lot of tall cylinders and this breaks things up nicely. What’s not nice are all those CORDS snaking between the TV and the tower. Seth is “on it.” I think he’s going to look for something that will tack them to the wall all in one little cover thing that we will then paint the same color as the wall. I think. This is his territory. I just want them gone. The deal is that if they’re still there by this coming Friday I am going to take them all down. Ahem, honey. Get ‘er done please!

This morning Seth and I also tackled the garden- taking down the fencing, pulling out the dead plants, and picking the last of the onions. We are heading to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon with Seth’s brother and his family- we all are super pumped! I’ve heard they have amazing cider donuts…

I’ll be back with those pics tonight maybe. Until then, See ya!


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