The last few months I have been trying to do a personal challenge that was both self-improving and also catchy. That’s how I work. My sister joined me as well. We did Savings September, Sober October, and planned on No-Spending November (as another savings month before the craziness of holiday shopping starts). Well, Day 6 is here and I have failed about 6 times. Also thought about making it a No-Texting-While-I-Drive-Vember but I have also failed at that (I KNOW, it’s awful and terrible and there is no excuse for it. I really rarely do it, but need to completely nix it). Well here we go, it’s time to get serious. I am putting it out there on the interwebs for all to see and judge me: officially declaring No-Spending (excessively) November!. Also going to have a go at No-Texting-While-I-Drive, but that’s more than a monthly challenge. And yes, I am keeping the “excessively” caveat in there. 1- It’s holiday season and I’m going to start buying gifts. And 2… OK, there shouldn’t be a 2. I will really really try to keep it just for gifts! Wish me luck.


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