Young House Love & some light stalking

I attribute a lot of my ideas (more than a lot) to 2 people: my dad and John & Sherry Petersik. I guess that’s 3 technically, but you get my point. I “met” John & Sherry a few years ago through my cousin Kari as we planned our weddings (thanks Kari!!). I posted a while ago about that so I won’t bore you with more details. Anyway, their blog Young House Love and now their book (same title) are some of my favorite things to peruse. They are currently on their book tour so Kari, Jamie and I decided to head north to Minneapolis to meet them Wednesday. We also took the opportunity to hit up IKEA and the Salvation Army (aka Target Basement). Holy cow, that was a lot of intense shopping in less than 24 hours.

So let’s start at the beginning: IKEA. I ended up taking home 2 file cabinets that are perfect for part of the built-in desk my dad and I are working on. They are gray and industrial and very cool. I will post pics of those as we start tackling the desk! I also grabbed a hall tree/coat rack I have been eyeing for a while. Also metal (there is SO much wood detail in this house, I just can’t buy any accessories that are wood) (insert inappropriate joke here about too much wood). Those were the big things. Other than them… a few little guys like a truck for J, a duck puppet for one of the kids at Christmas and a trash can with a flip lid (due to the toddler and dog in the house these have become necessary).

On to the big hit: JOHN AND SHERRY! Seriously! We met them! We missed the RSVP cut off by a lot, but Jamie called West Elm and they encouraged us to come anyway. The event was from 6-8 and they said they’d stay until the last person got through the line, so we decided to get in line around 7:45. This ended up being genius. Other people waited up to 5 hours, and we only ended up waiting around 3! We were almost at the end of the line, and by the time we got through (about 10:45) I think everyone was a tad delirious. I know I was.

So here’s a creeper shot of the back of their heads as we waited outside:

At this point there were a lot of giddy exclamations like “OMG they’re real people!” and “they’re so much bigger than I expected” and “Sherry is so tiny, her feet don’t even reach the ground!”

Here’s a shot of Kari, Jamie and I with our Line Friend Daci (ummm never mind the guy in the back who thought he was in the pic too. He was probably really nice. And not at all creepy like this picture would suggest. I think it’s called a Photo Bomb?):

Daci recently moved to MN from Louisiana and didn’t have any friends with her so we adopted her into our group. Our friend Jenny couldn’t make it (brand new mama!) so we jokingly called her Jenny a lot. Did I mention it was a long wait and we were delirious? It was funny at the time. As were a lot of things we said and did that I’m not sure would still be today… but we had a great time and super liked our new friend Jenny. Er, Doci. We even did a little light stalking and Face Book Friended her, which led us to her blog which is hilarious. Seriously, check it out. She’s a funny chica. And I totally get the whole bath-tub thing.

Here’s a shot of the cute cookies- they were sparkly!

Jamie: “Is that a child bed?”:

I mentioned we were pretty delirious…. right?

And here… OMG! We met them! They were so super nice. They had to have met a million people that night without any breaks and were still, even after 3 hours, SO awesome to meet.

First group shot (notice my half-blinking eyes):

And second group shot with Sherry holding Jamie’s baggie book (notice my full blink…whomp whomp):

Maybe I can Photo Shop that a little… and give myself really awesome eyes while I’m at it. Like vampire eyes. Or puppy dog. After their signing we signed their yearbook (as Sherry screamed “sign my yearbook!!!!” awesomely). I drew a little state of Iowa (that only I will know what it is because I got SO nervous and totally crazied it up) and we all three signed by it.

OH! And the best part! I confessed my geek level love of maps and asked them to sign a map of the city I picked up at the hotel. John loved it. Studied it for a bit before signing. Now I love it. Here it is up close:

And here it is in the little random cluster I have it in. It’s in my sunroom (hence all the sunny glare), and all of the pictures there are travel relics… to his right is a map of Door County, WI I cut out and glued to the teal paper. To his right is 3 pictures I took while I was backpacking in Europe in college. Below the map is a drawing we bought on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and above the map is a blank shadow box. I have a few ideas for her but haven’t gotten there yet…

So there you have it. Some shopping, some stalking, and overall a great girls trip up to Minneapolis.


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