Oh Boy! and girl.

Remember when I named my desks Baby A and Baby B, then left you in wicked suspense saying there would be more on that later? And remember how you’ve barely slept with all that anticipation??? No? Ok, well a few posts back I did all that. And now I am back (blogging from sunny Mexico) to give you more. It isn’t Facebook official yet (which is kind of like saying its in OK!  and Star magazines but not quite People) but I am shouting to the interwebs that I am pregnant. I guess if I were shouting it would be I Am Pregnant! And There’s More! There are two babes growing in there. Sorry, I mean Growing In There!! And we just found out its a girl and a boy. I couldn’t be happier. I always said I see myself with all boys so adding another one is great. And having a girl too is just icing on that cake. I may be back another time with the story of how we found out as its a good one (I think) but for now, I am exhausted from being alive and going to bed. Good night!


Life. Changing.

We finally broke down and bought Sonic Care (SonicCare?) toothbrushes.  Seriously.  They’re awesome. I feel like I’ve been brushing my teeth with dirty socks up until now.  We got a 2-pack at Sam’s. We went there for…… I have no idea. A bunch of random things like Sonic Care toothbrushes and a 938 pack of granola bars.

The Desk Post

Finally! I get to share my excitement! I’ve been harboring these exclamation points for far too long!!

SO, to the beginning we go. I already wrote about this but just as a reminder my dad and I searched for some pre-made cabinets that would work but since the 2 sides of the windows were uneven we needed to custom make something. And we couldn’t find anything. And we’re impatient people.  So away we went.  (We = Dad).  I filled and painted them once he was finished building them as he went home and made the tops. We decided to use oak flooring and stain them to match the woodwork in the house. I know I said too much wood already, but since we’re going to a built-in look I agreed that was a good idea.


Dad had some woes but in the end made 2 beautiful desk tops.  I found some skinny metal file drawers at IKEA for $40 a pop and bought two, so all we had to do was connect them with the desk tops and wham bam thank you ma’am!  Obviously nothing ever happens that easily.


Some issues we ran into:

1-    The file cabinets were way too short. No big deal!  Dad wanted to build them up and add the same floor boards that the cabinets had to make them look like they were a couple.

2-     The house has settles enough that fitting something square into the corner wasn’t a possibility. Solution: Get them in there enough to make them look right, then add a piece of finishing boar to the top back and top side of the desk (where it should meet the wall) to cover the gap.

3-    Dad forgot to account for the existing floorboards, so the width of the desk was about ½” too short.  No big deal… above finishing boards covered that Oops.

4-    Me + pneumatic nail gun.  ‘Nuff said.  Seth coined Dad “nail whisperer”as he had to go coax in several of my (our) mistakes throughout the day


That’s about it for the big problems we encountered.  In the end I think they’re great! I guess it’s not “the end” yet.  Still to do:

-Sand & touch up base boards

-Fill nail holes on desk top

-Add finishing pieces to cover gaps between desk and walls

-Add a slide-out drawer for the printer

-Add a slide-out built-in file holder

-Add doors to the cabinets

-Hang some motha stinkin art up in here.

-Add window seat…. Whoa surprise! We’re also planning on adding in a window seat that will connect the two desks and make it look “built in.” There is a big gap between the back of the file cabinets and the wall where Jackson currently likes to crawl through:


But will soon become a little book cubby. How sweet will that be? We’re not set on if the bench will have a storage option or not. I of course want everything in my home to have a storage option but I don’t know how much more I can squeeze out of Dad, so it might be a plain ol’ bench. With a supa pretty (I SWEAR not beige) cushion.  Does greige count?? OK OK I’ll do something fun. Maybe a print.  Yikes. I think I have hives.


Like I’ve said a million times, I’m really excited and love these. Jackson also approves. However, he has now figured out how to pull those chairs to the couches and climb on them. The unfortunate part is he doesn’t understand that running back and forth on the couch usually ends in tears…. Ah toddlers. And hey, how ‘bout those chairs? Gorg, eh? I found them at Junk-Palooza that I attended with my mom and a few girlfriends a couple of months back.  They came with a really neat table too but I was being good (it might have been Savings September or No-Spend November) and just got the chairs. I think I paid $40 for both? They came from an estate sale and I bought them from two guys named Durt & Dusty. It doesn’t get more legit than that.


So far the desk on the left (we’ll call her Baby A… more on that later) is more creative and inspiring. It’s where I have my photos, some design books, and other artsy stuff. The one on the right (he’ll be Baby B) is where we have the computer and all the techy stuff that comes with it.   I had a phenomenal time organizing everything and am far from done. It’s all about function these days so I want to make sure it all makes sense. And I don’t have to commit to anything. They’re only a few feet apart after all.  (Note: This is a pic right after I loaded them up. They are much more organized and pretty now!) (And we did put the air nailer away, though I was certain we had more use for it. I kind of love him.)

Interweb Woes

We have always had shaky Internet service here (long story… Its free so we can’t really complain…) but today has been especially frustrating because I have so much to share! I tried uploading the pics several times but the breaks in service are making it a very slow process. So anyway, not to leave you all hanging but the desks are IN and I love them. We still have a lot left to do as far as finishing (fill nail holes, install cupboard doors, add a piece to the backs and sides against the wall due to gaps from uneven walls/floors due to a settling house) but it’s a good start. I will post the play-by-play as soon as I can get the pics to cooperate.

I also actually put up some paint samples in our bedroom! It’s still currently very wallpapered and very hideous. We made a decision to work on our bedroom as bday and Christmas gifts to each other and I am gettin on that before we change our minds. The bedroom always seems to be my last priority. Last week we ordered some comfy fireplace sitting chairs & a real headboard and also bought a dresser. It’s an Amish piece that is very similar to the ones we bought for J but a walnut finish. It was delivered Wednesday and its gorgeous! We have started calling her Jessy The Dressy. It’s normal. Move on. I also ordered this teally dusty ottoman from Target as well as a big round leather ottoman that both arrived this week. I haven’t named them yet but I think Teal will be something very sultry and Leather something dapper. Will have to work on that. I hugged them both upon arrival so they feel welcome, nameless or not.

Well, without pictures this isn’t near as exciting as it should be so I will end for now and will be back as soon as possible with the proof. Talk about a cliff hanger here! Whoa!!

Soooooo close!

My dad came up and as Seth & I took turns wrangling J, we got the bulk of the desks DONE-zies!


Here’s one, with a flash of a toddler in the corner. We need to secure the tops to the bases, do some finishing work, & put all the drawers in. Hopefully we have enough motivation after dinner to get that done… Its been a long day and S is currently snoozing in his chair.

Once we are totally done I will be back with details on how we got there. I am exhausted but excited to get it done!