Interweb Woes

We have always had shaky Internet service here (long story… Its free so we can’t really complain…) but today has been especially frustrating because I have so much to share! I tried uploading the pics several times but the breaks in service are making it a very slow process. So anyway, not to leave you all hanging but the desks are IN and I love them. We still have a lot left to do as far as finishing (fill nail holes, install cupboard doors, add a piece to the backs and sides against the wall due to gaps from uneven walls/floors due to a settling house) but it’s a good start. I will post the play-by-play as soon as I can get the pics to cooperate.

I also actually put up some paint samples in our bedroom! It’s still currently very wallpapered and very hideous. We made a decision to work on our bedroom as bday and Christmas gifts to each other and I am gettin on that before we change our minds. The bedroom always seems to be my last priority. Last week we ordered some comfy fireplace sitting chairs & a real headboard and also bought a dresser. It’s an Amish piece that is very similar to the ones we bought for J but a walnut finish. It was delivered Wednesday and its gorgeous! We have started calling her Jessy The Dressy. It’s normal. Move on. I also ordered this teally dusty ottoman from Target as well as a big round leather ottoman that both arrived this week. I haven’t named them yet but I think Teal will be something very sultry and Leather something dapper. Will have to work on that. I hugged them both upon arrival so they feel welcome, nameless or not.

Well, without pictures this isn’t near as exciting as it should be so I will end for now and will be back as soon as possible with the proof. Talk about a cliff hanger here! Whoa!!


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