Oh Boy! and girl.

Remember when I named my desks Baby A and Baby B, then left you in wicked suspense saying there would be more on that later? And remember how you’ve barely slept with all that anticipation??? No? Ok, well a few posts back I did all that. And now I am back (blogging from sunny Mexico) to give you more. It isn’t Facebook official yet (which is kind of like saying its in OK!  and Star magazines but not quite People) but I am shouting to the interwebs that I am pregnant. I guess if I were shouting it would be I Am Pregnant! And There’s More! There are two babes growing in there. Sorry, I mean Growing In There!! And we just found out its a girl and a boy. I couldn’t be happier. I always said I see myself with all boys so adding another one is great. And having a girl too is just icing on that cake. I may be back another time with the story of how we found out as its a good one (I think) but for now, I am exhausted from being alive and going to bed. Good night!


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