The Evolution of Smoothies

When Seth and I started dating… In 2006? Can that be right? Yowza. Anyway- he bought a Vitamix. I thought he was the craziest person on the earth to spend that kind of money on a blender when you could get one for $20! 6 years later… We are still using it. And we use it 4-5 days/week. At least. And we are still in love with it! We have been on the morning smoothie train since we got the Vitamix and those smoothies have evolved with the times. We started with all fruit (you can throw half an apple in that baby and it doesn’t blink!) and then jumped on the organic train using yogurt with healthy cultures. Then we started using flax seed. And changed it up to Greek yogurt for protein. I started adding spinach after reading The Beauty Detox Solution (thanks Megs!) & have since then switched to kale (its yummier to me and has the same nutrients). So, these days my smoothie consists of: frozen fruit (Target has a great mix of mangos and berries), a banana, a scoop of plain Greek yogurt, some ground flax seed, almond milk, kale, and a tiiiiiiny bit of honey. Its not the prettiest thing, but it really is delicious! J goes nuts for them. So there you have it. My morning smoothie.



2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Smoothies

  1. Love my vitamix! Funny story, ours is in the “shop” aka back at the factory. We have one on loan from some friends because we can’t live without it! It’s not a blender. It’s a vitamix.

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