Bedroom Nook Update

These pictures physically hurt me to post.  For the last year and a half, our bedroom has been a disaster.  It had ugly wallpaper, ugly paint colors, ugly furniture, ugly carpet.  On top of that, we let Jackson’s toys take over (we let him run around in there while we get ready for work in the morning) so the space was just ridiculous.  I always hoped really hard the door was closed if anyone went upstairs.  Here are some pics of the room:

DSC_0116Here you can see the little bed nook- it’s the turret/cuppola/round/tower part of the house. The walls are half DARK chocolate brown and half light blue with a border in between.  The ceiling is a yellowy beige color.  Those shades have cut-outs of the wallpaper detail.  What you see at the top of the walls is where another level of border was- I took this after we had it taken down (but before we finished the rest of it). When we moved in, the windows also had sheer dark brown curtains with a fair amount of fake flowers draping over the curtain rods.  Nightmare City.   As for the rest of the furniture you see: the tables at the foot of the bed are from West End Architectural (bought maybe 6 years ago for $15 each!), the side tables are old IKEA finds I painted gray for our last home, and the desk in the left hand corner was my in my grandparent’s house.  Oh, and check out that chandelier!


This view is from the bed area. On the very left is a fireplace (that we’ve never used).  The dresser is new, but I’ll post a picture of what it replaced.  You can see more lovely lighting there on the right.  So in this area of the room, the ceiling is dark chocolate brown, the top half of the walls are the yellow-beige and the bottom half are still light blue.  You can see next to the TV where I’d been testing greige samples.  Seth doesn’t understand the difference… so much to teach that boy!  


Here’s the dresser we got rid of- that drawer is broken clear off and the bottom drawer doesn’t open.  My dad did his best reinforcing this thing to make it last… but it was a tired old fella and needed to go to pasture. Other than the bed, it was literally the only piece of furniture in the room.

I don’t have much for pictures of the room because it’s pretty much an empty space! The room + closet + bathroom is bigger than our entire condo in Ames, so needless to say we were pretty much overwhelmed and swallowed up by it!

First of all, we got a new dresser (you can see that further up).  It’s an Amana dresser from Redeker’s- we bought two of them a few years ago and have been really impressed with them, so we think they’re worth the price tag. Plus Redeker’s was having a floor model sale so we got 10% lopped off the top. Next on the list was the chandelier. Here she is in all her glory (note the tassel):

DSC_0109It’s hard to tell scale here, but it was HUGE.  You can kind of see the old ceiling paint color around the base too. I knew the base of the new one would be bigger so I wasn’t too worried about getting that perfect.

I’ve been eyeing this baby from IKEA for a long time: but every time I picked it up I got scared. It looked HUGE and weird and like such a pain to put together.  A few months back, I was at a coffee shop in Ankeny and saw one hanging there and loved it, so on the last IKEA trip I snagged it!  And it really wasn’t that hard to put together.  The hardest part was getting to it. The ceiling in that part of the room is 2 stories, and we don’t have a ladder that tall. So we put a big flat folded up table on the bed and set a regular ladder on top of that.  Believe me…. I was a very nervous girl!


Jake and Seth took care of taking it down and Jake did the electrical switching to get the new one up.  I tell ya, it’s really handy to have an electrician as a bother in law! Thanks Jake!

Meanwhile, Jackson and I supervised.


And tested out Max’s bed.


OK- here are the steps for putting the chandy together.


Starts with just the pendant.


Add the spikes.


Attach 180 small paper flowers.  Ta-da!  You’d think it would be easier to put all the spikes and flowers on before hanging it, but the IKEA directions say don’t do that and in my experience they know what they’re talking about.  Luckily I could tackle all the lower flowers while Seth could reach the higher ones.

I still think it’s a little crazy, but also kinda love it. And it’s SUCH an upgrade from the dowdy dark moody chandelier that it replaced.


Just a few days after we got the chandelier up the headboard came in- I love it! That little space is already so much more light and bright and happy.  Next up is replacing the window coverings… I’m not sure which direction we’ll go there yet. I also want to find some new bedside tables, but don’t know what I’m looking for there either.  Either way, I’m obviously in no hurry and will wait until I find exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for!

So there’s the transformation of the bedroom nook.  There’s still a lot to do in the rest of the room, but now at least when we open the door we don’t see this anymore:



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