No way Jose




I am a living testamant to the fact that time actually does go by way too fast.  To any parent of a young baby- though the days a loooooong, the time is actually short!  Here’s proof: my babies are 3 months old.  And although I can remember a few days (OK maybe several) that felt like they would never end, I cannot believe that it’s been 3 months since we had these little stinkers. 
DSC_0084DSC_0086I love these picture so much because they really capture who the kids are. Calvin is my little worrier.  He seriously always looks like that. Something MIGHT happen, and he needs to be ready just in case. Little ninja baby.  And Livie is so social. She’s a girl through and through. Loves to make eye contact, smile, coo, and be near mommy.

In other news, we are THIS close to being done with the deck stairs and I am super duper excited to post some pictures of that. Seth had the guys over Frida.  They got almost done and also tore out the nasty doors/panels of the screened-in downstairs deck. They’re not really nasty, just very victorian and we are really excited to get rid of them and start moving forward with our backyard plans.  Spoiler alert: they include a fire pit and indoor/outdoor kitchen.

In other other news, we are all working through the death of Grandma Beaman.  A blog is certainly no place for airing out the crazy emotions, but in the end I just ask for thoughts and prayers for the family- especially her 4 children- as we all try to find peace. Her visitation will be Monday at Johnson’s Funeral Home in Dexter and the funeral service will be Tuesday at the First Presbyterian Church, also in Dexter. As will happen when someone leaves us, I am having a lot of conflicting thoughts and memories of my time with Grandma. I’m thankful that all my children were able to meet her (though likely none will remember) and know that her love for her family was always first place. Her legacy lives on and we will all feel the void of the Beaman Matriarch.


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