An update and some really impressive photo editing

I was just perusing through some old posts and realized there are a lot of outdated pics up in here. I’m home with a sick kid (again). Jackson has had a fever for a few days and is just acting sick. He’s napping now so I thought I’d take a few minutes and post a living room update.  You can follow our progress here and here  And now for the final reveal…. oh that’s right. Nothing in my house is “final.” Seriously. I’m in some stage of project-ing in every room of the house.  So here’s what we’ll call a “progress” shot:

DSC_0216As you can see we have the desks done, the window seat built (there’s a funny story here that has to do with a practically color-blind father and some purple paint… but we won’t go there), and some things on the wall.  And here is an idea of what I’d like to still do here:

LR progress PNG

No making fun of my awesome photo editing skillz.

I want to add some industrialy shelving above the desk on the right, kind of like this: Once those are up, I can work on the arrangement on the left side to make it more balanced.  I also need to choose some fabric for the window seat cushion and get that going.  We are going to add two slide-out shelves: one file folder hanging system (hubba hubba) and a shelf for the printer to slide in and out on. My dad is in the process of making doors for the cupboards too so that won’t be so cluttery.

We still need to get rid of the couches in this room and replace them with some swanky club chairs. I also have been doing some swatch testing and am going to repaint the first floor white (do you know how many whites there are? Holy smokes!) (<– that’s actually one of the white paint names I’m considering.)  (Not really).  You can’t see the rug in this shot- it’s a teal & white oversized herringbone print that I love. I think it’s from Urban Outfitters. I also want to add a ceiling fan in there. I’m not a huge ceiling fan fan (haha) but with this being right off the kitchen and having windows that face east and south it would be really nice to get a fresh breeze going through there.  I also have been in love with black lately (since my sister and Jamie both used a lot of black paint in their houses) so I’d like to start incorporating more black in the house, like those graphic pillows on the window seat (from IKEA).

That’s about it for the family/living room. I don’t really know what to call this area. I think once it’s “final” we’ll be able to come up with a better name. Living room, family room, office, play room, game room, puzzle room, symphony hall…. anything but the current “room that never gets used” is fine with me!


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

If you don’t get it, please please watch this.

If you do get it, go ahead and watch. It’s as funny as you remember.

Today I’m home with 2 sick boys- lucky me (sarcasm)!  They’re both currently napping- lucky me (no sarcasm)! With my glorious free time I did some prep work for dinner tonight. As I was chopping I decided that if I did ever get a show on Food Network it would be all about healthy wholesome meals you can prep the night before and throw together quickly right before eating.  Crockpots would also be popular on my show.  It would be called…wait for it… “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.” My sister summed it up perfectly- ain’t nobody got time for 20 ingredient recipes or diabetes from the junk that’s easy and quick to make. Easy Mac has its place (i.e. 2am after a night at Irena’s) but definitely is not OK too often.  And it’s so easy to get in a rut of ordering out because nobody has time or energy to cook, especially when you have a toddler who needs to eat NOW (we call this being hAngry). This is how I’ve been cooking for the past few months.  I either come home at lunch and prep or do it the night before.  Or order out.  Here are some favorites that work well with this method-

  • Stuffed acorn squash- cook the meat & veggies, stuff the peppers, put them in baking pans, cover with wrap and refrigerate until you’re home from work- then just throw them in the oven!
  • Moni Meals Quinoa Mac & Cheese (  I did the steps up until she actually bakes it, covered it a put it in the fridge.
  • Chili, obviously a crockpot favorite
  • Baked veggie pasta- cook the pasta, sautee the veggies, throw them together in a dish, cover and put it in the fridge.
  • Etc etc you get the idea.  Chop, cook, assemble, put in baking dish, cover, refrigerate. And why do I keep trying to add a “d” to refrigerate? RefriDgerate.  Refrigerate.  Anyway.

For tonight I’m making the Iowa Girl Eats kale pasta, AKA  “The Best Pasta Dish Ever” ( I measured out the kale & cranberries, chopped the onion & garlic (but waaaay less then she calls for. Calvin has a pretty sensitive tummy so I have to be careful there) and put those in separate baggies and bowls all back in the friDge, then just set out all the pans I’ll need.  It should be pretty easy tonight to throw it all together!  Plus with no knives needed I can let Jackson help out, which he just LOVES.  Even when it’s more “help” than actual help.

This also helps with that horrible “what’s for dinner tonight” argument that I know you all have too.  And helps with the old budget! It’s all about have a plan and working ahead to save time and money!

Now back to enjoying my glorious quiet house.

I’m so excited!

I think my barista made my coffee full caffeine this morning. I’m feeling very Jessi Spano-ish. I think I’m typing about 500 WPM (is that a thing? Words Per Minute- WPM?) (Channel your inner 4th grader here back when we did typing tests…) (HashTag HOLLA!)

Brave Mama

I braved finger painting with Jackson last weekend.  We made the finger paint with some flour, food coloring, water and cornstarch. I just can’t handle the possibility of him eating real paint, even if it is “safe.” This paint doesn’t go on quite as smoothly as the real stuff, but as you can tell nobody seems to mind. DSC_0103

In the end we both were quite colorful but had a great time! Now every time he sees it he says “so peeeety!” And then he sits on it.


This time of year is the BEST.  We can open the windows, play outside without worries of getting too hot, harvest all kinds of veggies from the garden, watch football, drink red wine (instead of white; I just can’t get into white) and most importantly wear boots.  Don’t get me wrong, I get sad that summer is ending.  But there is so much I love about fall I can’t help but get excited.  This is also a busy time at work as the salesmen have their field days and we take out the research fields.  Today the guys were working on the plots here in Ellsworth so I went up and took some pictures. It was windy but I loved the chill in the air and am excited to go home and have something fall-y for dinner.  Or whatever my mom brings as she’s my parenting partner tonight (harvest season = no Seth for a while).

DSC_0143DSC_0210 DSC_0157 DSC_0187 DSC_0192  Friday after naptime it was too windy for the twins to really hang outside, but I really needed to get out of the house so we cruised up to ETown to see Daddy working in the field. Jackson got SO excited (I can’t believe I forgot my camera!!) to see the tractors and Daddy and super bonus- his cousin Kyler was there too! During this time of year farmers tend to congregate around Champion Seed to see how the yields are coming out as the plots are being harvested, so there were a few farmers hanging out in the field as well.  They all drove their trucks right onto the field and they all had a can of Coors Light in their hands and dirt on their boots.  I rolled up in my mini (yes, I drove the minivan onto a corn field), wearing flip-flops, carrying a latte.  Sing it with me.. one of these things is not like the other… Today I was much better equipped- I have boots on, drove the Ranger, and ate some sunflower seeds.  DSC_0190Here are some of Seth’s supplies as he tests the corn and beans that are being harvested.

Cheers to a good harvest season (with red wine, obviously)!

Show me the money!

Seriously.  Show it to me.  Where does it go!?!  Seth and I just sat down and went through our September finances.  It was humbling. I’ll save the details but will share that I spent $150 at Starbucks.  $150.  At Starbucks.  That’s embarrassing.  And I don’t drink caffeine so I can’t even blame an addiction!   The worst part was the Target spend….. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I spent so much on at Target! I brag about how much I save there using the Red Card, Cartwheel, bringing my own bags, etc- but obviously need to take a step back and see what I’m losing by saving so much.  Yes, those are all great ways to save money. But when I go in there to get what’s on my Cartwheel list and leave with 54 other things it doesn’t really balance out.  So we are on a spending freeze until further notice.  Obviously the necessities aren’t going to suffer (I reallllly want some little mice for my new Halloween wreath…. is that a necessity??) but I need to at least think about things before I swipe that (Red) card.  The next step is, wait for it…. a cash diet. Ugh. That makes me want to throw up just thinking of it.  So I really need to get it together here!  This is my way of really committing. To all my loyal blog followers (both of you!): I am going to get by October on a necessity-only mind set.  Having said that, both of our birthdays are in October and we have something planned, and if we get a chance to get away from the kiddos for a night out H-YES we are going to do that.  This is more about Target and all her evil awesomess that sucks me in and takes my money and makes my husband see red (and not in the I’m-saving-5%-awesome red).

May the Force be with me.