Brave Mama

I braved finger painting with Jackson last weekend.  We made the finger paint with some flour, food coloring, water and cornstarch. I just can’t handle the possibility of him eating real paint, even if it is “safe.” This paint doesn’t go on quite as smoothly as the real stuff, but as you can tell nobody seems to mind. DSC_0103

In the end we both were quite colorful but had a great time! Now every time he sees it he says “so peeeety!” And then he sits on it.


One thought on “Brave Mama

  1. My friend just opened a baby store in DSM- called Swell, in the Roosevelt Shopping Center. I saw that they carry veggie-based finger paints that are free of chemicals and totally edible. I thought of you- maybe for a time down the road when you’re going to let all 3 embark on a painting project and aren’t quite up to the challenge of making your own?

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