An update and some really impressive photo editing

I was just perusing through some old posts and realized there are a lot of outdated pics up in here. I’m home with a sick kid (again). Jackson has had a fever for a few days and is just acting sick. He’s napping now so I thought I’d take a few minutes and post a living room update.  You can follow our progress here and here  And now for the final reveal…. oh that’s right. Nothing in my house is “final.” Seriously. I’m in some stage of project-ing in every room of the house.  So here’s what we’ll call a “progress” shot:

DSC_0216As you can see we have the desks done, the window seat built (there’s a funny story here that has to do with a practically color-blind father and some purple paint… but we won’t go there), and some things on the wall.  And here is an idea of what I’d like to still do here:

LR progress PNG

No making fun of my awesome photo editing skillz.

I want to add some industrialy shelving above the desk on the right, kind of like this: Once those are up, I can work on the arrangement on the left side to make it more balanced.  I also need to choose some fabric for the window seat cushion and get that going.  We are going to add two slide-out shelves: one file folder hanging system (hubba hubba) and a shelf for the printer to slide in and out on. My dad is in the process of making doors for the cupboards too so that won’t be so cluttery.

We still need to get rid of the couches in this room and replace them with some swanky club chairs. I also have been doing some swatch testing and am going to repaint the first floor white (do you know how many whites there are? Holy smokes!) (<– that’s actually one of the white paint names I’m considering.)  (Not really).  You can’t see the rug in this shot- it’s a teal & white oversized herringbone print that I love. I think it’s from Urban Outfitters. I also want to add a ceiling fan in there. I’m not a huge ceiling fan fan (haha) but with this being right off the kitchen and having windows that face east and south it would be really nice to get a fresh breeze going through there.  I also have been in love with black lately (since my sister and Jamie both used a lot of black paint in their houses) so I’d like to start incorporating more black in the house, like those graphic pillows on the window seat (from IKEA).

That’s about it for the family/living room. I don’t really know what to call this area. I think once it’s “final” we’ll be able to come up with a better name. Living room, family room, office, play room, game room, puzzle room, symphony hall…. anything but the current “room that never gets used” is fine with me!


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