Daily Round-Up

Favorite part: 3-way tie. Livie putting herself to sleep at nap time, Calvin’s gigantic smiles, and Jackson snuggling at bedtime.

Longest 10 minutes: Waiting for Seth to get home after he said he left work.

Biggest surprise: How well J handled his time out after I caught him coloring. On the couch. With a pen. He totally knew he was going to get in trouble for that one.

Most predictable: Calvin waking up immediately after I texted Seth that he was napping like a boss.

Funniest: Jackson using his foot as a phone (put his foot to his ear and said, “Hello? OK bye. Mommy that’s my foot phone”).

Moment when the Heavens parted: Starbucks. Has. Red. Cups. Pure glee.

Most helpful….. Goes to Jackson. Around 5pm I was feeding the babies in the living room and he started bringing all the pots & pans in and laying them out. I asked what he was doing and he responded “making supper.” In one pot he mixed a cereal bar, raisins, craisins, & a mini pumpkin. When I went to the kitchen I saw that he had gotten out the milk too. Luckily he didn’t take the lids off!

Most musical: When I was singing along to the Pandora Toddler station as I washed bottles….45 minutes after all the kids were in bed.

Yummiest: Leftovers from last night! Iowa Girl Eats Italian beef sandwiches. Awesome. New staple. Close second is the glass of wine I am currently drinking.



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