Holiday Gift Idea!

My good good friend Iris got us a mini subscription to Citrus Lane after I had the twins.  Citrus Lane is a monthly box subscription for kids and sends samples of natural and organic snacks, toys, etc. I was interested in it a while ago but it seemed like it was too spendy (I think $25/month?) so this has been such a treat!  I catered the profile to Jackson since I figured whatever we get for him can be later used for the twinnies…poor kids have nothin but hand-me-downs. The first month was great- I can’t remember everything we got but I remember a little nail polish which just seemed really sweet of them! My mom thought it was for Olivia but I assured her it was a treat for Mommy. I hope.  My newborn didn’t need her nails did.  Anyway, last month we got this little night light called Cloud B ( It projects stars, circles, and goldfish (I agree… huh?) onto the ceiling.  Jackson just LOVES the darn thing! Every night at bedtime he gets so excited to see “mients sars?” (translation- “my stars”). Then we sit and talk about all the things he sees.  He points out the huge goldfish, the tiny goldfish, the moons, the stars…. when you’re two everything is pretty awesome.  Actually, he usually starts the conversation off by saying “Dat’s awesome mommy.” He’s since become obsessed with seeing stars outside too, which is convenient since they’re out at 4pm (boo). However, he’s still getting the hang of it and will point to street lights and excitedly exclaim “SARS!!!” so we have some work to do there. Another thing I like about the Cloud B is that the battery door is held in by a screw, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler popping it off and eating the batteries.  It’s a thing, just ask my dad. He’s an expert at finding the million ways my children are going to end up in the hospital because my house is apparently no safer than an alley in Detroit.

In other news, I can.not.stop. eating popcorn from Gatton Farms. We buy their popcorn to give to customers around the holidays and Mr. Gatton came in this morning to go over our order. Of course he brought samples. I’m currently housing cheddar-caramel.  I agree, that sounds gross but it is amazing!  Sweet, salty, chewey, crunchy, lovely.  If you think that’s weird, they also have a cheddar bacon flavor.  I didn’t try it last year but was brave this morning after Mr. Gatton left and I gotta tell ya, it’s good stuff.  I’m maybe not a great critic because popcorn is one of my favorite food groups, but it’s quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. And it’s out of Story City, so you know I extra love it.

So if you need a gift for a toddler in your life, I’d suggest this one (the Cloud B, not the popcorn.  Because I’d just distract him with something shiny and eat all his popcorn anyway)!  What are your toddlers loving? Besides the dollar aisle at Target and a tote bag (genius friend Jamie has also realized buying tons of toys for toddlers is silly and has been entertaining her 19 month old with some new tricks). Has anyone else started making Christmas 2013 spreadsheets? I made mine a few weeks ago.  It’s color coded, in case you had to ask.  We are going by the “Want, Need, Wear, Read” rule in our house for the kids and I’m looking for some ideas for what Jackson “needs!”


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