This post contains some very scary images. Read at your own risk.
This post is also quite late.  Story of my life.

Somewhere in the last few years I have started loving Halloween. I love dressing the kids up, decorating, seeing kids in their costumes, and having candy everywhere I look.  We have an awesome community for Halloween too- it’s a little neighborhood with only one main street access in it so it’s low traffic, lots of young families, and everyone participates.

This year I went all out. For the last few months I have been making little decorations here and there during naps or after the kids went to bed. Most of them turned out really cool! I even got compliments from parents walking around.

Inside, I put up the decor for about a week before Halloween. Here are the Halloween pennants (made from 12×12 scrapbook paper I got at Hobby Lobby):

Halloween Decor11

I also made a mummy vase. I bought some white muslin at Hobby Lobby (1/8 yd) for under $2. I tore strips… maybe 4″ish but didn’t measure. Then I tied them around a large vase I already had. I use the vase a lot so I didn’t want anything permanent and actually kind of like the ties in the back.  It makes her look like she has on a girdle. Which is scary.   Then I cut out two circles of black paper for eyes and an oval for a mouth and just slid them in between the fabric strips.  With a candle in there, it was really cool! I mean scary.

Halloween Decor8

The table was one of my favorite things. I had a template printed that I found on Pinterest and stuck it in a frame.  I bought two glass candle sticks at Hobby Lobby and had the rest around the house. Those willow branches were from a flower arrangement from my grandmother’s funeral. The black pumpkin and Boo sign were also from Hobby Lobby (I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on sale or that I couldn’t use a 40% coupon for).

Halloween Decor 2

For outdoors, I did it all just on the evening of Trick-or-Treat.  Nothing was very sustainable (glass and paper) so I didn’t want to risk it all going to the pot (is that a saying?) before the 31st.

I had a bunch of glass jars on hand (because you never know when you’ll need them! I have done so many Art Therapy activities using these babies, I always save them, unless they had something really strong in them. Usually a few washings and some baking soda + vinegar solves any smell but sometimes they’re just beyond help and pitched). I painted them with acrylic, drew on the faces with a Sharpie and sprayed them with sealer. I liked the streaky feel, but if you want something more solid you could just do another coat.  I spray painted the lids black and punched holes in them with a hammer but ended up just using the rings or no lid to make sure the tea light didn’t go out. This picture doesn’t really do them justice.  They were super cute. And when it was dark, they were expecially neato. I should have gotten an up-close picture.  Maybe it will be Halloween 2014 by the time I actually get this posted and will have them out again.

Halloween Decor

Then there are the bats.  I love these guys.  I decided to do this the day of Trick-or-Treat.  I left work a bit early and hammered these out in 25 minutes (before I got the kids from daycare)!  I looked at some bats online, folded my black cardstock in half and drew half a bat (like you would draw half a heart if you were in 4th grade) and cut it out. I did a few different ones until I ended up with what I wanted. I also used my little punch thing (I think it has an official name) and punched out some black circles. I loved them with the bats at first but then decided it kind of looked like the bats were pooping so I only made a few of those and then split the bat garlands from the circle garlands.  Then I took my little step stool to the patio and taped those babies up!

Halloween Decor5Halloween Decor3Halloween Decor4Ooooohhhhh scary! I’m surprised anyone braved coming to our door!

I got the kids from daycare at 5:15, quick fed Jackson some dinner, then got them all dressed up!  We tried some photo shoots but that was (obviously) a disaster. Here are some of the best ones:

DSC_0106 DSC_0091 DSC_0108

Halfway through the night I remembered my last little craft- I cut holes in paper towel rolls and had glow sticks to put in them (from the dollar section at Target). Then I stuffed them in bushes and they kind of looked like creepy eyes staring out.  They turned out… OK.  I’ll have to tweak those for next year.

Oh! The wreath! One of my favorite parts!  I perused Hob Lob for one that I could just spray paint black, but those babies are pricey! Holy smokes! I found one I loved that was all berries but it was $95.  Ninety-five. Dollars.  I wouldn’t even touch that thing with a 40% coupon. But I found this guy in another section for $6. Now we’re talking.  I suppose people buy these and then hot glue things to them? I don’t know. I don’t understand it.  But I actually kind of liked it and it was perfect for what I had in mind (=cheap). Brought ‘er home and spray painted ‘er glossy black. Bam Halloween wreath.  At one pointed I tucked in some dead flowers from my mum but those seem to have blown away. Oh well.  That porch was sceeery enough as it was!

Halloween Decor6

So for the post title- one of the kids came to the door and yelled “Happy Halloween!” After she took her candy and was running off she said “At least I didn’t say Halloweenie!!!” Her dad in the driveway put his head in his hand and said with defeat, “did she just say what I think she said?” It was great.

On that note, what the heck is with kids just coming to the door and getting candy? Where I’m from we had to tell a joke to get something. These kids just stand there (albeit adorable in their costumes) and hold their (cute little) hands out!  Seth thinks I’m crazy that I expect a joke. A cartwheel maybe? SOMEthing!

I am super sad that the night is over, but it was so fun! We saw a lot of friends and loved seeing the kids dressed and jacked up. Jackson even had a mini Snickers which led him to literally spin in circles and then hop around the house (followed by pulling every candy bar out of the bucket and saying “mommy I need that!!”  Luckily Grandma Sheri brought over a treat bucket filled with organic cereal bars, raisins, and yogurt that we could redirect him to). )He’s going to be so mad at me when he learns that raisins are not a decent trade for Twix).


2 thoughts on “Halloweenie!

  1. You are so crafty!!! I love that you do all of this… you amaze me!
    For the FIRST time, we had our porch light on (no fancy decorations, though) and had trick-or-treaters for Halloween. Tim agrees with your joke stance. He made all the kids tell a joke in order to get candy. Very entertaining 😉

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