Nailed it.

I met this blogger through Young House Love the other day and I am declaring that we are soul mates. Although… I haven’t read much about her so maybe I should be careful with a statement like that. She might have some crazy obsession with cats or baby dolls or something that would make me think twice about that statement. Not that those things are bad. If cats & baby dolls are your jam, rock on with your bad self! We probably aren’t soul mates, and it’s good to know these things up front, you know? I’m glad we got that out of the way.

Anyway.  So this blogger.  She has a beautiful house and just posted her Christmas decor. It’s pretty much exactly what I would like my house to look like, right down to the disco ball tree topper. Seriously. I have a disco ball ornament that’s been my favorite since I was a kid and every year I carry it around the house looking for the right place for it. I had never thought about it on the top of the tree! Duh!  Her inspirations are glitz, colorful textures, rustic wood, antlers, greenery, & plaid. Or as she put it:


Because of course she made even the words pretty.

Even beyond the Christmas decor, I love her house! Lately I’ve been all about white walls (I swatched a few whites about two months ago… and they’re still just swatches on my living room walls. Fail.). I love her styling and we have so many similar or exactly the same items its a little scary. Except that she pulls it off- my house may have a lot of similar things but instead of looking professionally-done-yet-cool-and-relaxed it’s more frantic-quick-stick-a-throw-blanket-on-it-to-cover-the-toys-everywhere meets toddler chic. So we’re very similar.

Perhaps my favorite is how she used a Staples print and a piece of plexi-glass to make a kind of acrylic backmounted piece of art. It’s amazing.

Oh, I haven’t ever mentioned who I’m crushing on. Her site is called The White Buffalo Styling Co and the website is   I plan to follow her very closely!

I hope this post conveys how in awe I am of her creativity, style, and skills and doesn’t read too stalker, creepy, and obsessed.

Meh. Can’t win them all.


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