Babies ruin bodies

I came across a great link as I mindlessly perused FaceBook today while eating a sandwich at my desk.  If I can’t make it out of the office for lunch I can at least waste a few minutes while I eat, right? Anyway. This link/article/blog post was so beautiful!  I saw it on a friend’s post here and another post there and after about the 4th or 5th link to it decided it was probably worth the time (which I clearly value as I spent a good chunk of my lunch today on the FaceBook).  It’s about a woman’s path to accepting her body after childbirth. It was a beautiful reminder to me that my body MADE PEOPLE.  That’s kind of a big deal.  Things change.  It’s not all about weight. Things change.  Like a lot.  If you’ve had babies, you’re with me.  If you haven’t, I’ll spare you.  We all need to give ourselves a little break and a pat on the back for the amazing things our bodies can do! And respect that line between encouraging a friend to get back to where they feel good about themselves and making them feel lazy & fat because they haven’t lost all the “baby weight.” And by “a friend” I mean ourselves.  And by “ourselves” I mean me. I need to be nicer to me. And I’m guessing you need to be nicer to you too.


5 thoughts on “Babies ruin bodies

  1. Yes! I read this last night, and my first thought was that all of my beautiful friends needed to read it too! Very good read & reminder 6 weeks post-partum, for sure.

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