I revolve to eat more jelly beans.

Why are people so anti-resolutions? Or “revolutions” as the adorable kid in the new Verizon (?) commercial says. I used to be super cool and say I don’t dooooo resolutions. But I never knew why. I’m sure people have good reasons but I was just happy to jump on that bandwagon so I could keep eating and drinking and swearing away like I did the previous year! But why not make some resolutions? Why not use the New Year as a good excuse to improve ourselves? Seth & I haven’t set anything in stone, but we are both doing what we can just to be nicer to ourselves. This plays a bit on my post about the post-pregnancy body thing but also pushes me on the direction of taking care of my self as well. We have been living off cortisol and wine for the last 7 months and have been terrible to ourselves. Because of this, I still carry my baby belly and Seth has gotten really really skinny. Of course. But it’s not in the good way (he says). The only thing less healthy than our lifestyles since the twins were born is a Red Bull Vodka.
So now that we have somewhat of a schedule things should be a bit easier for us to take some priority. (OhMyGosh that is so something you never say out loud!! Please please pleaaaassseee Knock-On-Wood gods let that one go!) We got a treadmill and despite jokes about getting extra long handles so we can hang more clothes from it we have been using it a ton! I stopped recording my guilty pleasure shows (Desperate Housewives & Project Runway, holla!!) on the main TV and only record them on the DVR in the treadmill room. We have both worked out every day for the last 3 weeks except for Christmas Day and one day we were in Chicago. But our livers had a pretty good workout both those days so that counts, right?
I would love to hear how you all feel about New Years Resolutions! Are you a hard core goal setter? A cool non-conformist? Or are you perfectly happy where your life is it now and just want to keep things as-are?

Update: I meant to say Real Housewives. Not Desperate Housewives. RH is slightly more embarrassing I think.


One thought on “I revolve to eat more jelly beans.

  1. I always make some resolutions. They are supposed to be easy things for me to do that I have been meaning to do anyway. A couple years ago I resolved to drink 64 ounces of water a day. Easy. Although now I am not drinking that much since caffeine is such a necessity. Need to bring that one back. This year I am resolving to keep 3 different counter spaces cleared off. I hate the clutter and get so annoyed that it is always on everything. So far this hasn’t happened since it apparently takes me 3 weeks to put Christmas decorations away. Next year it will be put the Christmas decorations away earlier. Sigh.

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