Betrayed by my bestie.

If you’ve been following along here you’ll know of my love affair with Starbucks. You’ll also know that I am trying to cut back on said Starbucks. Well I think I found the golden ticket to keep me away.

Yesterday, between hot yoga and a NAMI Executive Committee meeting, I made a quick trip through the line that has done me so good so many times. I unknowingly drove on to my meeting just about two blocks away, threw ‘er in park and grabbed my beloved cup. That’s where things get fuzzy. Turns out, the lid wasn’t on the cup properly and hot hot coffee went allllllll over. My lap. Holy frick I thought I was going to die. I jumped out of the truck and did a really embarrassing “get the devil out of my lap” dance in the middle of the street.

I ran upstairs to the restroom to check things out and my skin was starting to blister so I called First Nurse. She said to go the ER. I hung up thinking she was being silly, but then took another look at my legs and almost passed out. So I went to the ER for the first time in my life. Can I just tell you how embarrassed I was at this point? I looked like I wet my pants, had puffy eyes, and reeked of coffee. The woman who checked me in actually laughed (mind you, I was not really in joking mood at that point).

The doctor told me to take it easy for a few days, keep the medicine flowing, and only wear sweat pants. That sounds glorious, yes? Not for me. I am already going nuts. I went to work this morning and went with Seth to grab some groceries. And then popped a pain med on the way home and couldn’t hold my head up anymore.

So here I am. On my couch with a nice little nest built up around me. High as a kite on pain meds. In sweat pants.

And remember how I only record “my shows” in the treadmill room? I am regretting that now. I ended up buying Netflix so I could watch “Orange is the New Black.” Anyone watch it? I just finished the book and have heard its a great show.

Although I still really want my Starbucks, I am physically and mentally scarred by them. It might take a while to get over this one! I am feeling really betrayed. My sister likened it to when the tiger attacked Sigfried. She nailed it.


4 thoughts on “Betrayed by my bestie.

  1. I have a story that may cheer you up a little. One summer after processing many garden fresh peppers for salsa, I ended up with very burnt hands. Not realizing that some sort of dairy product may have helped ease the burn, I ended up spending the night with a frozen log of summer sausage gripped in my hands. I remember needing a fresh sausage in the middle of the night because the first one had grown too thawed. Ever since I usually remember to wear gloves!

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