What I’ve learned

I don’t lay around. I rarely sit down. I don’t watch TV, check FaceBook, or stay up on blogs. But the last few days have forced me to do all of these things. And I have learned a lot.

1. TV is junk. The Today Show is awful. They just had models in “shape wear” to show us how to put together outfits. Why did they have to start out in their unders? Showing us live time dressing doesn’t give us any more tips than just showing us outfits, and these girls just look disheveled because they had to get dressed on live TV quickly. And nobody needs to see models in “shape wear” in the morning. I thought this was news? It was during the 8:00 hour. I don’t want to know what happens by the 10:00 hour!

2. Hoda & Kathy. What on Earth…….

3. I shop online when there aren’t needy babies to attend to or a toddler begging for my iPad to watch “burritos.” I shop a lot.

4. The Sherwin Williams app is awesome. I have virtually painted my entire house.

5. Lindsay Lohan should be thankful for Miley Cyrus who should be thankful for Justin Bieber.

6. Do you guys remember United Colors of Benneton? They were neat.

7. You know how when you pick your baby up from the Bumbo and their bums stick in there and you have to pull the chair off their bodies? Pretty sure that’s what would happen if I tried to get off the couch.

8. We have some amazing friends and family. Thank you to folks who have brought food and flowers and sent prayers!


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