Where I’ve Been.

Oops.  Hey there.  Good to see you again.  Holidays take over everyone’s lives, yes? Me too. So here’s a quick, picture-heavy post to bring you up to date on the goings-ons at the Hill House lately.

Well, first there was Christmas. DSC_0189 In staying with our tradition of 2’s, we had 2 trees this year. One had just lots of white lights on it (in the front turret of the house) and the second had all the homemade and funkier/kid friendly ornaments (in the sunroom, back of the house). Shown here- Jackson’s fingerprint reindeer from last year and the ornaments that my mom made for her early Christmases with my dad. They didn’t have much money back in the day so most of their celebrations and gifts were homemade. I’m lucky enough to have these ornaments and although they’re not the prettiest things (sorry Mom, I’m sure 30 years ago they were hip) they’re among my favorite ornaments in possession. DSC_0202 Terrible picture, but it’s hard to catch a 2 year old in action in dim light. As you can guess, most of the ornaments on the “family tree” covered only the bottom third of the tree. DSC_0249 Christmas Jammies.DSC_0262 Showing Santa how good they’ve been.DSC_0072 Christmas morning- wearing new jammies, slippers, and socks. Playing guitar. Excited to be alive. DSC_0077 So excited he then stripped off his jammies to finish gift opening. DSC_0097 Excitement’s over, it’s been a long day. DSC_0064 Then the twins turned 7 months! (update…they’ve also turned 8 months and are about to turn 9 months.  Pictures all up to date)DSC_0070 Jackson loves being the photographer. DSC_0064Lots of play time together.
DSC_0080 And some special one-on-one activities during twins napsDSC_0109 We’ve gotten really good at sleeping anywhere, anytime. DSC_0111 Hide n Seek (Jackson’s REALLY good).2014-01-28 11.54.39I turned the Advent Calendar chalkboard into the menu board.

DSC_0238Carpet on the stairs!  Now we can trust Jackson to go up and down on his own.  Again- I apologize for this terrible picture.


Olivia perfected her “Beaman Eye”

???????????????????????????????And we took about 80 people to Mexico!

So there you have it.  I’ve also been working on some fun projects that I’m hoping to throw at ya soon, but until then- Adios!


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