Norwegian Baby Probz

So our little Olivia has mad eczema. Like terrible, angry, uncomfortable, sad eczema.  Her little face is constantly on fire and her body is usually not far behind.  We have tried EVERYTHING to alleviate it and just can’t find the magic trick other than steroid cream (which is as scary as it sounds to put on a 15lb baby). We use fragrance free organic laundry detergent,  fabric reusable static sheets and laundry balls (instead of chemical-laden fabric sheets) run a humidifier constantly, use sensitive skin diapers or clothies, fragrance free organic soap, and more lotions than you can imagine. Off the top of my head, here’s a list. In alphabetical order, because, why not:

Aquaphor, Aquaphyllic Ointment, California Baby Eczema Lotion, Hydrocortisone, Lemongrass something or other, Vaseline Intense Cream, and prescription steroid cream. I know that last one wasn’t in alpha order, but it’s the only thing that works so it gets that spot. Don’t question my methods.

At best, these creams didn’t work. At worst, they made Olivia scream in pain. Or break out in full-on allergic reaction (swollen face, eyes swollen shut, couldn’t stop rubbing her face, etc.  Those were fun).


So my friend Jamie introduced me to her interweb friend Roo, author of Neon Fresh.  She started another blog at that talks about raising kids with allergies, eczema, and asthma.  So far we have no reason to believe Olivia will have any issues with asthma, but she certainly is dealing with allergy and eczema problems.  From her site, I’ve learned that even though my laundry detergent says it’s free and clear, there are still some nasty ingredients in there. So I made my own the other morning while the twins napped and Jackson busied himself with some ice cubes, a pitcher, and a cup. Two-year-olds are awesome.

DSC_0068 DSC_0069

I also learned that organic cotton jammies and clothes are helpful, so I’m on the hunt for some that don’t completely break the bank.  Hanna Anderssen sells some but they’re around $40 EACH.  Dang!  I’m watching Zulily for some good sales and have found some affordable onesies by Burt’s Bees that I’ve ordered.

As far as the food allergies, I know that one of the creams we used had a bunch of foods listed in the ingredients like mangoes, coconut, etc. Olivia’s doctor said most likely she is allergic to something or somethings in that list, so we are avoiding any of those foods until she’s 3. The doctor we saw for that allergic reaction (ours was out of town) said there is absolutely no link between eczema and food allergies. That’s crazy, right? To me it’s so clear that what she eats affects her skin.  Rubbing it on her face as a cream obviously wasn’t great, but I think that even if she ate those things we’d have a problem.

What do you think? Correlation between food allergies and eczema? To me they go hand-in-hand.   Anyone out there have any success treating either? I started the 7 day steroid treatment Thursday and would love to not ever do it again, but also would love to not have welts all over my baby’s body. Our chiropractor once said that there is a correlation between dairy and ear infections. That one seems a bit more out there, but after Jackson had 6 ear infections in 2 months I’d buy it! That’s where I am now with Livie and her skin.  Give me advice, I’ll try it!


2 thoughts on “Norwegian Baby Probz

    • So far the only game changer is still the medicated lotion. We are hoping spring brings a miracle! If not, we will start adjusting her food and cut out dairy or gluten.

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