My Little Bugs

My friend Jessi is living the dream (my dream, that is).  She had a baby boy 6 months after Jackson was born and just had a little girl this past fall.  She was a teacher until deciding last year to stay at home with her babies and make a go at personalized and embroidered baby things.  Her business is called Little Bug Baby Designs (could that be any cuter?) and her website is here: You can find her bio, blog, and contact info there for onesies, lovies, blankets, bibs, and burp cloths. Then search for her Etsy shop by typing in “Little Bug Baby Designs” to see a ton of their work (and some quite adorable models, if I do say so myself).  These are the BEST gifts. So cute, so personal, and you know they’re made by someone who truly loves what she does.

One perk of having a bestie that does this is free merchandise.  In exchange for all these adorable onesies, burp cloths, bibs, blankies, and lovies all I have to do is take pictures of my babies wearing them.  Holla!  I mean, who needs another reason to photograph these little loves? Sign me up.

This past weekend in between sprinting with Jackson to the potty seat (that’s right, he’s potty trained y’all) I did a few photo shoots of the babies.  We did their 9 month shoot, a St Patrick’s Day session, and a stinking cute personalized whale gig too.

You can buy anything you see on Etsy, and make sure to contact Jessi if you want something personalized.  I also hear a rumor that Adel Quilting & Drygoods is going to carry some of these items in the near future… Not sayin’ that I have the inside scoop there or anything. But I do.  I have the inside scoop.  They’re going to carry them.  I’m not very good at being mysterious.

So without further ado, here are my Little Bugs in their Little Bug gear.

The little whales have “Livie” and “Cal” embroidered on them

DSC_0097I can hardly contain myself. 

Even if she weren’t one of the loves of my life, I would be thrilled to promote Little Bug Baby Designs.  I never thought I’d be the kind of mom that put these cutsie type things on my cool, hip children. But then I had babies. And saw how cute they are.  I said a lot of things before I had kids when I think about it…. My mom says that the best parents are the ones without kids. Isn’t that true!  OK, back on point here. Go visit Little Bug’s shop and find a perfect gift for someone you love.  I promise no matter how hip they think they are, they’ll love it. Because I’m pretty darn hip and I am completely smitten.



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