Whiter shade of pale

Something big happened.  HUGE.

I painted the living room.  Well, I started painting the living room. Remember when I posted about hanging samples in there and how they’d been there a while and probably would be? That was a long time ago. But I bit the bullet and painted a few big swatches knowing it would drive me bonkers to have these big swatches and not just get the job done.  I am claiming temporary insanity when making that decision as I do not have time to paint an entire living room with TONS of trim work!  So the swatches stayed on my wall for much longer than I’d like to admit.  Then one day something hit me and I bought the gosh dang paint. And then it sat for a while.  You get the picture.

My living room was a dark gray. Sometimes I LOVED it.  Sometimes I hated it.  When I chose the color, I painted huge swatches on 3 different walls and lived with them for a while to see them in different sunlight and thought I had found the Perfect Gray (that’s not the name of what I used- but that is a name of a gray paint!) I blame it on the tassels (please sing that in the tune of “blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-al-co-hol” “Blame it on the ta-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ssels” Probably a combo anyway). I was so excited to get rid of that hot mess I didn’t think it through properly. I also blame it on thinking more than I should (like that’s a common problem for me). Usually when I choose a paint color I go completely on instinct and choose something immediately.  And I’ve never regretted a color. Until this time.  I labored over this decision, bought 6 different test pots, and asked anyone in a 3 mile radius of our house what they thought. However, gray is tough.  You maybe need to go through all these steps. But it didn’t work for me. So I’ve been wanting to change it for a while.

I’ve noticed I’ve been drawn to white walls a lot lately, and to be honest I always have been. I love the idea of a blank neutral canvas that you can add accents into using throw pillows and blankets, chairs, etc. Plus right now our house is littered with toys so its nice to  not have a colorful wall color to add to the chaos.

So I started swatching whites. I think I went through four or five of them? It’s tough! Some are too bright, some are too green, some are just plain blue. Seth did AWESOME through this process. Every time I asked him (every night) if he preferred the newest white I was trying or liked the last one or maybe the one from last week he so patiently responded “Yes.”

Look, dudes. I know you don’t get that one white is superior to other whites because of the beige undertones vs the yellow or blue undertones that bring out the grain and compliment the woodwork better (and I know there are plenty of dudes out there that do get it- I apologize for painting you all with a wide brush here but am speaking from personal experiences), but you definitely Get how long it took us to decide between Chalk, Cloud White, White, and Bone.  So even though you can’t appreciate the choice- just appreciate the work!

Rant over. Seth just really doesn’t care and doesn’t like me creating more work for myself.   It’s not a bad quality.

Paint question for ya. What brand do you love? I’ve always used Olympic Low/No VOC from Lowe’s.  Or something like that. But a while ago we had to hire someone to do painting (two story walls plus a staircase, no thank you- I’ve met me) and everyone we got a bid from used Sherwin Williams.  I know a few friends who swear by it too. So last time they had a 40% sale I splurged and got a few cans of it.  Now that I’m using it, I honestly don’t know what’s so great. Enlighten me please.  So far all I’ve done is the edging and it’s so thick that it makes edging without tape a bit rough.

So yeah, when painting, I very rarely use tape. I like to think I have a steady hand. When I start noticing that I’m making a lot of mistakes that’s a sign that it’s time to dry it up and put it away for the night. That’s great for me because otherwise I’d have a 24hr paint marathon and ignore all aspects of real life in order to get the painting complete.  And most likely at some point I’d pour a glass of wine… and we can all imagine how that would end up.  NOT speaking experience here.  Well maybe a time or two…

While we’re being completely random, I tried that rubber band deal where you slide it over the can and use that to wipe your brush off to keep the rim clean, you know what I mean? Pinterest anyone? Works awesome. Until it snaps and flings white paint across your living room.  Suddenly having a clean paint can isn’t quite so important.

Unfortunately, the only actual progress in the paint front is that I’ve primed the entire room and am about 70% done with the trim.  We have been out of town a lot and are starting to get really busy at work, so it’s been tough to take much time for side projects.  It’s on my 2014 list!  I hope it’s not too lofty to think I can paint one room in a year.


5 thoughts on “Whiter shade of pale

  1. How exciting! I always use Behr Ultra and really like it, but I do think it’s kinda on the thick side. Maybe it’s just whatever you’re used to.

    Also, re: the shades of white, this SNL vid:

    (Sorry for the awful video quality, but I guess thanks to the person who recorded this sideways and then posted it to YouTube… still sideways)

  2. Loved the video! And I love painting new rooms. When I say love, I mean I love picking out a new paint color, having Neil paint the room, and then admiring the paint color on the wall. I always feel just as accomplished. I don’t paint without drinking, so you can imagine how my paint jobs turn out. The red bathroom was my final bow.

  3. If you want to see what results of the wine drinking/painting check out my laundry room next time you are here.

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