It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We have had a few glimpses of spring and its so close we can taste it!  We have even been able to play outside a few times. That is HUGE for 3 kids age 2 and under.  At least it is for their momma.

I do love all of that, but I am also very excited about garden planning. I’m one of those people that plans the garden all year round. For Christmas, I got an awesome Moleskine garden journal ( and was already utilizing it Christmas evening.

Here’s the general layout I think I’m going with:

garden pic

I’m thinking I’ll put the compost box in the middle, plant zinnias around it and around the perimeter between the yard & garden. The big squares are tiles or bricks for walking. That will be temporary this year since I don’t really know how its going to flow and want to make sure I’m sure before really laying it out.

And this is the lovely patch, waiting to be tilled and filled. 2014-03-12 10.56.35So far on my list to plant I have: zinnias (as the border), butternut squash, lettuce, garlic, spinach, beets, onions, radishes, bell peppers, jalepeno peppers, Fooled You peppers (my favorite), cherry, Roma, & slicer tomatoes, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and zucchini.

I started the peppers, beets, squashes, onions, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, and some slower starting herbs. You can find me most of the day coaching these cute little sprouts in the sunroom: 2014-03-12 10.55.38
2014-03-12 10.55.58

I am a big fan of the Jiffy seed starters. They work so slick!  I also used some eggshells for the smaller rooting guys, but they aren’t working out quite as well as the Jiffy strips.

This is my third summer in the house and my third year to make a new mistake in the garden. Every year I do something dumb. The first year I got too excited and planted when the garden was too rocky and wet.  The tomatoes and peppers did great, but the more delicate things like lettuce and spinach never made it.  Last year planting time was a true test of our marriage.  We planted around May 15, and I had the twins May 31.  I was HUGE. I tried and tried but really just couldn’t maneuver my body well enough to plant.  My go-to method was dropping the plant on the ground and trying a controlled forward fall onto my hand & knees.  It wasn’t pretty.  So I had to count on Seth to plant the 90% I didn’t make it to.  Unfortunately, garden planting coincides with the busiest time of the year for him (shocker).  One night around 10pm Seth and I were in the garden by the light of his truck headlight. Nobody was happy.  Last year I also had a HUGE rabbit problem.  They ate most of my beets, peppers, chard, squash, and broccoli.

This year we tore out the bushes and trees that took up half of the garden space so I’m planting way more than I ever have.  I’m hoping that by removing the bush that was basically a bunny colony we will reduce that problem a bit.  My dad is working on some ideas for a fence that will work better than what we’ve used in the past. Since we’ve always planned on expanding the garden we never got too serious about a fence. That changes this year.  Watch out bunnies- its on.

Anyone else planning gardens right now? Sometimes my favorite part of gardening is planning.  It’s certainly not the weeding.  I do love getting dirt under my fingernails though.

Gotta go, I hear my beets callin’.


6 thoughts on “ALMOST SPRING!

  1. No expert here…but we have loved mulching our vege garden….In fact We mulch around everything! We can’t get enough! It keeps the weeding at bay. (5 hrs a week down to 1 hr a week on our acerage)
    We learned about it on a video called Back to Eden.

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