Along with all my excitement about warmer temps (see previous post), I was reminded this weekend of one part of spring I don’t like- bugs.  Specifically, wasps.  It seems like we have four or five nests every year, and at least one that gets really big.  We always use that crazy 20′ chemical sprayer and then watch the wasps fall like rain. Seriously, it’s creepy how they just die mid-flight and drop.  Then we’re left with millions (slight dramatization, but not much) of wasps on our driveway, porch, deck, etc.  Yesterday our back deck door was left open for a few hours, thanks to the toddler, and we found a wasp in the sunroom. Seth & I walked around the house and saw 3 nests on just one side of the house already forming! I’d love to use something more eco-friendly to get rid of them, but am not willing to go light here as we spend a lot of time outside and I don’t want to worry about the kids getting stung by a nasty wasp.

Any luck with natural wasp remedies? Here’s a site I found that said to shoot them with a mix of water & dish soap: Sounds promising, but one of the nests (hives?) is way up in a peak and I doubt our hose has the power to shoot it with the force needed to be effective.

Please note: I know they’re wasps.  Bees are a totally different story and you really shouldn’t kill them if you have a nest.  These guys are the nasty mean ugly wasps. I want them dead and gone.


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