I have been out of town more in the last two months then I think I have since I had Jackson.  First we went to Mexico for a week.


Then we went to KC for the Big XII Tourney.  I saw my love Jessi. We had green beer.
KC Beer We went shopping. Ward KC

Then we went to NYC for the NCAA tourney.  That was amazing (even though it rained literally the entire time we were there) (which ended up being just barely 48 hours).



Then I went to Chicago with a few girlfriends and joined my sister for the Race to Wrigley. I’ve always wanted to do this 5K but it’s such terrible timing for me to be gone… but for some reason this year I thought it was a good idea.  It was a great time and we had a blast!Race to Wrig
Work has been crazy and the twins have been tough (colds, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections, teeth…) so I had one of these guys the other day. Whoaza.



Easter Egg hunt with Mace!JackandMace

Some celebrating at the casa, and check out those cheeks!!  We are loving the warm weather and humidity at our house! At least Livie’s skin is loving the break.Liv bunny

And here’s my other little bunny.

Cal BunnyAnd speaking of heart stopping (wait, we weren’t?), Jackson has decided to do this now:

Jack parkIt’s scarier (to me) than it looks.

And one more update- apparently I have a following in wasps because this morning I woke up to one IN OUR ROOM! Coincidence that I just made a death threat towards their kind yesterday? I think not…

There you have it!




2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. After leaving my sliding door open for an entire day (we have no screen-they annoy me anyway-just let the outside IN!) two wasps decided to make their appearance in our kitchen. I felt very accomplished getting them out. Tommy’s favorite word right now is “climb”. I’m not going to show him the picture of Jackson for this reason.

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