monthly pics

Since I broke the big news that the twins turned one, I thought I’d share their monthly pics.  We actually kept up on these even better than we did with J (so to all the doubters who smugly smiled when I said I wanted to carry on the tradition- HA!) and were rarely more than 1-2 days outside of the actual month-day.  The plan is to continue on until age 2 like we did with J.

And here are J’s first 12 monthly photos:

13-24 (He looks so much more grown up standing. And wearing pants):

This time I opted to not actually paint the onesie for a few reasons. 1- It was a lot of work pre-planning and that’s just not an option anymore; and 2- it wasted a lot of oneises! I liked how J’s 13-24 turned out (the plan was to photoshop the # on, but I never got around to it and at this point am ok with that…. can also change in the future) so I kept their onesies white, or as white as babies can wear. And for their 13-24 shots, the plan is the same as J- stand up and put your pants on! Here’s the latest (I haven’t decided which will be The One yet):


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