Family Vacation



Against our better judgement, we took a family vacation to Door Co, WI (Sister Bay to be precise).  This is an annual tradition for us that halted once the twins arrived last summer.  We decided to reinstate the tradition and made a go of it.  It was fine- only 10 hours (each way) in a minivan with 3 kids under 3.  What could go wrong?

We started the trek around 8am and made it to Dubuque before needing to stop. We let the kids play at a park and then had lunch at a place I’ve been to before with my mom and sister- Vinny Vannuchi’s. It’s so good! Then we hit the road and stopped, oh, 500 more times? Here’s the thing- a 2 year old doesn’t quite understand “this is the last time we’re going to stop for a while, do you need to potty?”  At that EXACT time, he never did. But within 2 minutes- that’s another story.  But that’s OK, we planned on this being a, let’s say… journey.

We made it to the hotel/resort (Pheasant Park in Sister Bay, we are big fans) around 7:30pm. We had been telling J that we were going on vacation and of course he asked if that meant he got to go swimming which of course it did. So once we got in and settled, even though it was way past bedtime, Seth took him swimming while I got the twins down for bed.  The rest of the trip was awesome- it’s just so beautiful up there! This is the first time we’ve gone over the 4th of July, so it was neat to see some of the special events but overall was SO crowded that I don’t think we’ll do that again.

DSC_0080Don’t be fooled by J’s face.  He was “suscited” the entire time we were up there.

We went to Seth’s cousin’s for the actual 4th- the kids had a blast. So did the adults…

L met someone else her size.  They bonded over eating gravel.

Seth’s aunt & uncle have an orchard in Sister Bay (which is as beautiful as it sounds). J had an awesome time learning how to operate the Gator (“tractor”) and picking berries.

We went to an FFA fundraiser called the “dairy breakfast” which is a huge deal up there. I heard people talking about it all over town the rest of the day!  It  was really neat- we ate breakfast and ice cream (we were on vacation…), petted llamas & other farm animals, toured a huge dairy operation (J asked some great questions such as “Are the cows going to roll over us? Can I drive the tractor? Do the cows want ice cream? Why does that cow have a ring in his nose? Can I drive the tractor? What is that sand pile for? Can I drive the tractor?”), and danced to the blue grass band.

And, of course we hit up the beach.  Notice there are no other kids there and we have on jackets.  It was chilly and overcast the day we went (it was the last day we were there) but I really wanted J to see a beach and he had a blast! So did C.  L… she was leery.

Seriously- look at her face.  Hilarious.



We were sad when the trip came to an end, even more sad thinking about another 10 hours in the mini, but we are looking forward to next summer!


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