The Pictures Post

Apparently the last post didn’t include enough pictures. Here you go!


Let’s start with the old (so much oak!):

The 2 peninsulas came out from the wall that separates the kitchen from the sun room, creating 3 rooms: the dining area, the kitchen, and the room that we never used and didn’t really know what to do with so it filled with toys. 

Here are some progress shots of the cabinet install:

And then the countertop:


Then came the finishing of the appliances, final touches, etc.  That all happened on a Friday, and Seth and I stayed up practically all night (until like 12, which for us is the same thing) cleaning and moving everything back up from the basement!  We can’t really do this half-a’ed here with the 3 little ones so we needed things to be set and ready for the storm when they woke up. Which was not long after we finished.

Then I decided to paint a chalkboard detail where the coffee/wine bar area was:

J has been obsessed with all the work we’ve been doing and all the “fixer men” we’ve had in the house. Obsessed.  He can’t sleep if he knows we’re working.  So sometimes we just throw him a bone and let him “help.”  I’m not a big tape user, but thought for this project it might be a good idea. I was wrong. It bled SO bad I had to go over all the edges with the chalkboard and white paint to even it out. So frustrating!! Maybe user error… it was getting pretty late. Anyway- it turned out great:

And yesterday when I ran home the Fixer Man was there putting up the shelves!

IMG_2855This is a preliminary layout. I’ll change it about 500 times. I think I’m already at change 362.



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