When I first heard the word “blog” I didn’t understand what it meant. The guy I was talking to explained it as “you know, it’s just… a blog.” Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.  Wait, I still don’t get it.  Well that was years ago and I continue to question what they are, who does them, who reads them, and why we do it. Them. Whatever.  But after having my first baby (2011) and moving into a new house needing lots of help a few months later (as in 7 weeks- crazy town) I feel like I finally have something that might interest other people. I know for sure at least my mom will read it. Maybe. But, really, that’s not why I’m doing it.  This is a great way to keep track of projects, baby/toddler happenings, and whatever is making us say “ermehgerd” at that time. Which I’m pretty certain is something that is worth documenting.

At present, our family consists of myself, my husband (since June 26, 2009) Seth, our son (since August 10, 2011) J, our twins C & O (since May 31, 2013) and our giant Yorkie Max (currently at boarding school in Chicago with my sister). Having three kids in under two years (think about that for a second) has certainly aged Seth & I but we try to relish even the ugliest moments.  Our home was/is a Victorian style house built in the late 90’s. I think 1998.  The previous owners did an immaculate job building the house and it’s got amazing bones as well as some even more amazing woodwork. However, they were very committed to this whole Victorian thing (or as my brother in law calls it Victorian Secret. Hehe.) and it’s just not exactly our style.  The decor relied heavily on floral/trompe l’oeil tassel wallpaper which I have been slowly removing since we moved in (hence the title).  So this blog mostly documents our journey to make more of an “us” home as well as documenting what’s going on in our home at the moment. And probably a million other random things.

View More: http://photographybybecca.pass.us/seth-hill-family


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